Norman Steisel
  Norman Steisel New Projects

Norman Steisel is continuously seeking new opportunities. Because of his unique background as an engineer, environmental specialist and investment banker, he looks for investments in the environmental field that are both ecologically sound and present a promising return on investment.

At this time Norman Steisel and Enessco Strategies is pursuing a number of state-of-the-art environmental projects:

Principal in a development firm establishing a short-sea service to transship foreign arriving containerized goods arriving at the Port of New York and destined to customers in New England. This service would replace more costly traditional truck delivery while also alleviating congestion and pollution created by the heavy vehicular traffic on the I-95 corridor.

Working with a leading firm with a commercially viable, proprietary bio-mass technology that produces a lower cost replacement fuel for traditional heating oil products with the added benefit of significant reductions in combustion emissions.

Developing program to deploy anaerobic digester technology to process agricultural waste products and produce a new, environmentally sound source of energy for underserved nearby Caribbean community.

Working with a development entity creating an eco-park in New Orleans for solid waste processing and new product manufacturing from post-consumer recyclables including the deployment of an anaerobic waste-to-energy digestion facility for treating the organic fraction of the waste stream.

Norman Steisel remains active in the area of urban environmental advancements and has recently published an important article about composting in New York City.

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