Norman Steisel
  Norman Steisel First Deputy Mayor

The First Deputy Mayor of New York City is a powerful position—second only to the Mayor. The first deputy mayor is responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of City government and assists the Mayor in managing the Police Department and the Department of Education. The First Deputy Mayor has many responsibilities including overseeing the Fire Department, the Department of Sanitation, the Office of Emergency Management, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Buildings, the Department of Design and Construction, the Department of Finance, the Department of Probation, the Department of Correction, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication, the Chief Technology Officer, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the Department of Records and Information Services, the Business Integrity Commission, the Taxi and Limousine Commission, the Mayor's Office of Operations, the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, the Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, the Office of Labor Relations, the Office for People with Disabilities, the Office of Immigrant Affairs, the Office of Veterans Affairs, the Office of Contract Services, the Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings, the Office of Recovery, Resiliency & Infrastructure, the Office of Environmental Coordination, and the Office of Environmental Remediation.

Norman Steisel served as First Deputy Mayor of New York City from 1990-1994. In this position Norman Steisel was the CEO of NYC government responsible for day-to-day management of all governmental operations, as well as the oversight of a $30 billion annual operating budget and a four-year $20 billion capital program.

He was responsible for streamlining operations and systems that resulted in annual budget reductions of $2.0 billion. In addition, Mr. Steisel reversed the decade-long trend of local taxes consuming an increasing share of Gross City Product ("GCP"). Norman Steisel also:

• Improved management systems and major streamlining of City government resulting in permanent budget reductions of $2.0 billion and workforce reductions of nearly $700 million, reversing decade-long trend of local taxes commanding an increasing share of Gross City Product.

• Implemented total quality management initiatives including introduction of new work processes and technologies and provisions for employee productivity-based bonuses, resulting in average12% reduction in cost of operations while increasing service output, effectiveness and quality by a minimum of 15% in refuse collection, park maintenance, street repair, hospital billing and probation control.

• Directed privatization of fleet procurement vehicle and facility maintenance activities and treasury functions in several municipal departments.

• Streamlined capital budget management, reducing City's debt service by 20%, by consolidating facilities design and construction process to simplify the multiple reviews and shortening average time to construction by 22% with savings of $1.3 billion.

• Launched major restructuring of City's health care system including initiation of managed care approach to service delivery and cost containment. Enrolled 130,000 Medicaid patients in managed care with annual savings of over $30 million expected to increase to $300 million when fully implemented in four years; established $48 million 'Communicare' plan and financing vehicle to open primary and preventative health centers to serve some 85,000 residents of 13 medically underserved neighborhoods; directed reduction in operating expenses in 14 City hospitals by $300 million annually through internal cost-containment and enhanced third party revenue efforts.

• Streamlined City emergency response activities and directed the management of multi-agency response to several major disasters, most notably, the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

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