Norman Steisel
  Norman Steisel Enessco Strategies

Norman Steisel is the Founder and CEO of EnEssCo Strategies, Inc., a firm providing management and consulting services to senior level executives in firms operating in government-regulated sectors. Enessco Strategies consults on strategic, operational and financial transitional activities in the environmental space.

Over the years, EnEssCo Strategies has been engaged in developing and implementing strategic marketing and financial plans for companies in a wide range of industries including: waste water treatment, bio-tech, outsourcing services, supply chain management and advanced wireless voice and data technologies.

Under the leadership of Norman Steisel, Enessco is following its belief that “Green” initiatives are both inevitable and good business. EnEssCo Strategies continues to expand its expertise and resources into a variety of “green” projects for governments and industry.

Specifically, EnEssCo has been engaged to develop and implement strategic marketing and financial plans for: the American subsidiary of the world's leading water/waste water treatment firm; a pharmaceutical and medical material supply chain management subsidiary; a leading vendor of advanced wireless voice and data telecommunications technologies with licensing and deployment of their services in municipal facilities and a leading start-up bio-tech firm attempting to exploit pharmaceutical and environmental application of its proprietary technology.

Currently Enessco Strategies is working on new projects such as short-term sea service, biomass fuel alternatives and developing programs to deploy anaerobic digester technology.

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